Actress Karen Brown walks on the picket line with other SAG-AFTRA actors and Writers Guild of America writers in front of Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on July 17, 2023.

Mike Blake | Reuters

Hollywood’s workforce is taking a hit as dual walkouts by actors and writers drag on.

The film, television and music sectors cut a total of 17,000 jobs in August, “reflecting strike activity,” the US Bureau of Labor Statistics said Friday morning.

Instead, the US economy added 187,000 jobs during the month, driven by growth in the healthcare, leisure and construction industries. It exceeded the 170,000 expected jobs, according to Dow Jones.

Job losses in the motion picture and sound recording industries underscore an effect of the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which began in May and mid-July, respectively. In the months since, several notable movies and shows production halted or terminated early.

The mass work stoppage in Hollywood has also had a pervasive effect on other sectors such as hospitality and real estate, costing the overall California economy a estimated $3 billion until now. Prominent Hollywood writers and actors are negotiating with traditional studios for better pay as streaming and the threat of artificial intelligence affect their compensation.

Last month, the WGA writers union said it received a new proposal from the Television and Film Producers Alliance, the body that represents major studios such as Netflix, Disney and Amazon, to resume talks.

It came after weeks of stagnation and slow progress.